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Application of Filtration Trolley
  • Fluid before putting in service
  • Transferring Fluid from drums to reservoirs & filtering the same while transferring.
  • Conditioning the existing Fluid of the system by using as off - line filtration system.
  • Can be used for Mineral Oils, Water Glycols, Phosphate Easter & Synthetic Fluids.
Unique Features of Sangawar Filtration Trolley
  • Light weight & portable within built Drip Tray for collection of spilled Oil.
  • Rugged construction, Spares are easily available.
  • Spin on Bowl for easy removal for replacement of Element.
  • Suction Strainer provider for pump protection from catastrophic failures.
  • Filtration Trolley fitted with DOL Starter, 10 Meter electric cord & 2.5 Meter Suction & Delivery Hoses as standard.
  • Custom Built can also be manufactured as per customers flow, pressure, process & filteration (in microns) requirement.
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Categories of Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Self Cleaning Filter - Manual / Auto
  • Automatic Backwash Filter
  • Temporary Conical Strainers
  • Multi Element Filters
  • Concentric Filters
  • Custom Designed
  • Special Types Filters
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